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A curious mind is a hungry mind. Just imagine indulging yours in a business that thrives on sharing knowledge and challenging one another to create the best outcomes. This is just part of the reason Strategy Director, Travis Peoples, finds his wide-ranging role supporting the Chief People Officer and Sustainability so fulfilling.


“Sustainability is central to the future of the planet and the LEGO Group. Given that, ultimately, so many of our products are designed to engage children, it’s vital that we embrace our collective responsibility to make sure the planet is well looked after. I like to think that setting this example will play a small part at least to inspire children, including my own, to do so too.

“Orchestrating the sustainability strategy and program is immensely rewarding for me. Not least because it gives me such broad exposure to the business and real connectivity to its future direction. This is one of the most important and transformational agendas that the enterprise is pursuing right now. It presents us with a massive array of challenges wherein there are also untold opportunities.


“Like many companies, we’re in uncharted new waters when it comes to sustainability. There is so much to consider. New materials, new business models, new ways to reduce our environmental footprint, new ways to increase how many children we reach. To deliver impact across these varied agendas takes imagination and comfort with uncertainty. We’re having to suspend a “business as usual” mindset.

“It’s why delivering the PLAN25 Sustainability strategy was such a huge achievement for us. It was co-owned by Corporate Affairs, Operations, Product, Marketing & Design, Finance and others – and I was fortunate enough to play a central role in that effort. With such a wide-ranging program, engaging with a broad group of colleagues to debate directions and jointly put forward recommendations is paramount. As a learning opportunity it was off the charts. It also speaks volumes about what we can achieve through effective, open-minded collaboration and vulnerability.

“Another key focus for me is bringing strategic sparring to the People Operations & Development and Corporate Affairs leadership teams. This enables us to elevate and connect the organisation’s key priorities. For me, this has been a golden opportunity to gather subject matter expertise as I get to engage with world-class experts in these areas. The same goes for being exposed to how the leadership team stewards the whole ship. It is fascinating and inspiring to witness.

Travis and people

“Everyone here is just so ready to share. If I’m curious about a topic or part of the business to which I have limited exposure, this is always welcomed and answered with at least an introduction to that area. More often than not, it means a deep dive.

“The Strategy Partner team itself is a tight knit group. We’re very committed to high performance and to each other. In many ways, we are the connective tissue between Executive Leadership Team areas … and often well positioned to influence key decisions. It is a wonderful responsibility that we do not take lightly, individually and collectively.

“Like so many of my colleagues, inspiration is close to home. I see the joy of building and pride of creation everyday at home, as my five-year-old son engages with LEGO® bricks. So I’m inspired by the reality that I play a small part in helping influence young builders, but also that they help to influence me.

"Just imagine what you can learn from sparring with world class leaders every day. Now come and make it real" - Travis Peoples

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