Does LEGO® Batman™ only come in black and very, very dark grey?

Being a LEGO® Consumer Service Advisor means knowing the answers to a world of weird and wonderful questions like this every day. But it’s not all about product knowledge – it’s about building connections with people and being passionate about what you do.

Kim Yang, Jimmy Chu and Penny Huang all work in our Shanghai team. They took some time out to share with us what it’s like to work in this essential and unique role.

First, we asked them to give us an insight into how they provide outstanding service.


“There was a time via Live Chat where I helped a customer to do trouble shooting of a LEGO® Technic set. I told the customer that I, too, am a huge fan of technical builds, and we started to chat about the various sets we love and different ways to build them. By the end of the conversation, he told me he felt like he was chatting to a friend of many years. I also enjoyed the conversation very much.”

Kim Yang

Kim was also keen to share her proudest moment:

“A customer of mine posted a very satisfied comment on social media showing the conversation they had with me via live chat: ‘It is always an enjoyable time to talk with Consumer Service Advisors from the LEGO Group’. This comment made my day.”


“One customer called to check the delivery status of his order. I took ownership of this and got to know him. He’d never heard of LEGO products until his child was born. They built the Chinese New Year Lantern Festival set together- which has 1793 pieces. He thought that this brought them closer together and his child was only interested in playing with LEGO bricks. I felt very proud when he told me he thought the service I provided was as excellent as our products.”

Jimmy Chu

Jimmy told us the one thing he loves most about working here.

“We are building a bridge between the customers and our company. Knowing that I’m able to help them discover the joy of playing with LEGO sets puts a smile on my face. Joining the LEGO Group is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”


“I love how, sometimes, we can really make someone’s day. When one mother called, I could hear her daughter crying in the background. She had lost the only light brick from her favourite LEGO® DUPLO® set, Frozen Ice Castle. I asked the mother to turn on the phone speaker and told the little girl that the light brick went on a Magic Journey with Olaf and would come back very soon. Their chuckle brightened up the room.”

Penny Huang

Penny went on to tell us how well supported she feels:

“I feel there is such a safe environment for us here. We can be brave and speak up about what we feel. I also feel encouraged and empowered to find answers in my own way, which inspires me to be more curious at work.”

All three Advisors have their unique ways of engaging customers – but what do they think makes them succeed in this role?


For Kim Yang it all starts with product knowledge.

“I always keep myself familiar with products across different themes. This ensures that I'm not only able to quickly find solutions for my customers, but I'm also able to have a pleasant conversation about the content of the theme.

Connection between people is very important to this job and being very familiar with our various products plays an important part in it.”


Jimmy Chu puts his success down to his commitment to doing a good job.

“Customers can tell that I’m really passionate about helping them. They feel my sincerity and can see I take responsibility. Bringing an enthusiastic approach and an optimistic nature helps a lot too.”


But for Penny, it’s all about patience and active listening.

“Patient listening ensures customers know we care about their feelings. Understanding the true inquiries from the customers enables me to identify the most appropriate way to communicate with them. Patient and active listening is the key to a successful communication.”

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