Just Imagine with Johnny and Frank

"Going above and beyond to delight customers. That's part of the exciting story we share."

It’s not just what you do at the LEGO Group that makes working here a fulfilling experience.
It’s who you work with, how and why, that makes a difference too. But don’t take our word for it. Some things are best said by the people who experience this reality, day-in, day out. Meet Johnny and Frank at our growing operations in China.

Johnny and Frank both work in very different roles. But when we ask them to describe what they like most about working here, a compelling story begins to take shape.

Let’s start with Johnny who works at LEGO® China Digital:


"I think the biggest difference in working at the LEGO Group is the unspoken understanding between colleagues. We all think about ways to make the best of things. We don’t say that the project only has this time, so maybe we can only do it here. We don’t say that I have finished this link, and it will not be my business until the next link."

There’s a lot to take away from Johnny’s observations. Firstly, they speak to our strong belief in the power of collaboration. This is rooted deep in our culture as a business.
We are not the usual kind of company. As passionate advocates for the transformative power of play, it makes sense that we practice the principles that make play a positive and useful tool for exploring the possibilities.

Play at its best involves everyone engaging and supporting one another. It’s the exact same thing with how we approach our work.

It’s this flexible approach and willingness to experiment that allows us to be more creative and find unexpected solutions. It’s also makes working here more varied and fun. And when we have fun, we enjoy ourselves more and have a very real desire to create something that surprises, delights and engages our customers.

This is something Frank strongly identifies within his role in the Packing Maintenance department:


"We all want to do everything to a high standard and bring the best experience to our users. I think the great thing about the LEGO Group is not only that it creates a lot of fun toys, but we also deliver great value."

This shows us that how we approach things is every bit as important as what we create. It’s something that translates into the end product because it’s been there at key stages of its creation and there is a shared ownership - a sense of duty almost - of customer loyalty.

They expect something that takes them that little bit further, so we have to map out the best, most satisfying way to get there.

There has to be a high-degree of collaboration to drive what we do.
Our commitment to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations is all there in our core values.

It's not just about creating fun toys; it's about fostering a culture where employees are empowered to go above and beyond, both in their work and in their communities. This is exemplified by Frank’s experience of volunteering at the Jiaxing Science and Technology Museum:


"I volunteered at the Jiaxing Science and Technology Museum. I explained to the children who came to see us that the earth is sick now because some people litter and cut down trees.

I didn’t expect this to inspire my my son. He remembers what I said, so when he saw others littering outside, he would try to dissuade them from doing so. I felt very proud of him for this. It also made me realize that what we do can change behaviours and influence better outcomes.”

This collaborative spirit and refusal to settle for second best can make a real difference in the wider world. This can only happen through talented people coming together, each of them determined to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.

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