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  • Banana Balance

    Banana Balance: Does Banana Balance come with a monkey?

    Answer: Yes! And bananas enough to keep it fed for a week…

  • Banana Balance: How many leaves and bananas come with it and how easy is it to balance?

    Answer: There are 12 bananas and 12 leaves in the set. On how easy it is to balance: It depends on how steady a hand you have!

  • Banana Balance: What happens when the monkey falls out of the tree?

    Answer: You have to say “Bananas”, and give one of your bananas back to the monkey.

  • Banana Balance: Why does Banana Balance come with a brown stick piece?

    Answer: You can find the rule “Climb the Tree” for using the brown stick on the “Change page”.

  • Creationary

    Creationary: Can we add as many extra pieces to Creationary as we want?

    Answer: Yes!

  • Can we add pieces to Creationary that are not from Creationary e.g. TECHNIC pieces?

    Answer: Yes. You can add all the pieces you want.

  • Creationary: What if I don't have enough pieces to create the things on the card?

    Answer: In Creationary, the real trick is to keep it simple. Build using as few bricks as possible. If you do so it should be possible (although not necessarily easy…)

  • Creationary: What if you land on a card with something you are not good at building?

    Answer: Try anyway. Creationary is about three things: 1) being good at building, 2) being good at guessing – and 3) having fun!

    Even if the card is difficult, someone might be very good at guessing… And struggling with something that seems impossible might be a fun challenge. You might even get better at building that thing than you were before you played the game!

  • Creationary: Can you build in Creationary?

    Answer: Yes – Creationary is a build & guess game..

  • Creationary: If you get a card (cards have four models on them) which one do you have to make?

    Answer: The one matching the colour you rolled. If you rolled “the question mark”, then you choose the category. If you rolled the orange “x2”, then the player sitting to the left of you chooses the category – but you can score double the amount of points.

  • Creationary: Some of the cards are very difficult, do you have any building suggestions?

    Answer: Remember that Creationary is also a guessing game. Your creations do not have to be perfectly built, try using the basic shaped bricks and the identifiable colours and the guessers may well find it easier.

    If you are still struggling, you can play with the rule that the builder is allowed to give a hint, by making a sound matching the creation if the guessers are all stuck.

  • Creationary: How do you change the game?

    Answer: You can start by using the suggested changerules in the rules book. After that you can freely invent your own rules, e.g. something like this: The players write notes with stuff, like: names of superheroes, famous people, moviestars etc. The players then draw one of the notes instead of drawing a card when they roll question mark. - And when you roll the x2 you draw two of these notes and build both.

  • General

    General: Which country do the LEGO Games come from?

    Answer: LEGO is a Danish company. The games are made by an international team of designers.

  • General: Can kids make LEGO games and have other kids around the world play them?

    Answer: No, not at the moment. LEGO empowers you, so you can make your own games and play them with your friends and family.

  • General: Which game has the most microfigs?

    Answer: Ramses Pyramid has the most LEGO microfigures with 8 mummies, 1 mummy king and 4 different Beduins.

  • General: Can you buy the LEGO Dice separately?

    Answer: Nope!

  • General: My micro figs can’t move their heads like normal LEGO mini figs. Are they supposed to?

    Answer: No. The LEGO microfigure is not supposed to be able to move its head.

  • General: Could you combine two lego games besides HEROICA?

    Answer: HEROICA is mad to be combined, BUT you could try to combine other games by changing the rules. Eg. you could take the wolf from Shave a Sheep and add it to Kokoriko - Now when you roll grey you may: Either take a grey chicken or let all of your grey chickens lay an egg OR move the wolf next to a players chickens. As long as the wolf is next to your chickens they do only lay half as many eggs (rounded up).

  • General: Who first thought of the idea of LEGO board games?

    Answer: The idea for the LEGO Games line was conceived in ConceptLab (LEGO’s idea factory)

  • General: How much do the games cost?

    Answer: You can always check the price in your country in the LEGO online shop.

  • General: Will LEGO Games ever have a Hero Factory or a BIONICLE game?

    Answer: Maybe. Only time will tell… You can always make your own!

  • General: Are all games easy?

    Answer: We aim to make games that are easily understood and fun.

  • General: Can you take a dice tile and put it on a dice for a different game?

    Answer: Yes. But then you have to make a rule that fits it.

  • General: What LEGO game has the most pieces?

    Answer: At the moment, Creationary has the most LEGO pieces.

  • General: What gave you the idea to use rubber to make the die?

    Answer: Because it makes your dice rolls unpredictable!

  • General: How many rules can you make at a time?

    Answer: It is a good idea to change one rule at the time, but technically you can change as much as you like. If you change too much at the time, it is hard to say which change worked and which didn’t.

  • General: Can I combine two games or more?

    Answer: Combining other games is possible, but not all games are easily combined. Ramses Pyramid and Ramses Return are based on similar game systems, so they would be easier to combine than eg. Shave a sheep and Minotaurus.

  • General: What new games are you working on?

    Answer: We are constantly working on new games… However except from the fact that they include LEGO bricks, the details about them are extremely secret.

  • General: How do I take the tiles off the LEGO Dice?

    Answer: Use the wrench tool included in the game to remove the tiles more easily.

  • General: What will the next round of games be after LEGO Champion?

    Answer: Think you will have to wait and see – but I promise you, they are great!

  • General: Can you make your own LEGO games?

    Answer: For sure – LEGO bricks are great for creating games. Just build, play and change until you have a working game.

  • General: What games are going to be released this summer?

    Answer: The games coming out in August are:

    - Robo Champ - The first player to build a robot with all the right colors will win the Robo Champ trophy!
    - Magikus - Collect ingredients for the magic potion by rightfully winning them, or by stealing from the other magicians!
    - Race 3000 - Where the fast lane is never where you expect it to be...
    - Hogwarts™ - Between the moving staircase and secret passages at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it can be tricky for players to find their way around Harry Potter’s school!
    - Ramses Pyramid - You must unlock the crystal coded steps of the pyramid to climb to the top and defeat the Mummy King Ramses before he takes over Egypt.

  • General: How do you type your own rules into the rules builder?

    Answer: You can’t type your own rules into the Rules Builder, but if you do to the downloads section, you can download and print worksheets to type, draw or spill soda on!

  • General: Are there any games suited for five players?

    Answer: LEGO Champion.

  • Frog Rush: How did you come up with Frog Rush?

    Answer: Nicolas: The aim was to make a classic board game, the frogs are cool and the way they move makes sense for the type of game I was aiming for. And when you have frogs, the natural “monster” would be a stork.

  • General: How do you play with your own rules?

    Answer: Start by changing one of the rules in the game. Remember: When you play with your own rules, you have to make sure that all players know the rules.

  • General: What happened to Lunar Command?

    Answer: We decided to launch other games…

  • General: What happens if there's a tie?

    Answer: If there is a tie, normally it is a sign that there is an accountant nearby…

    In one of our games, if there is a tie, and the rules does not specify who wins, then the tied players shares the victory.

  • General: How many pieces does a game have?

    Answer: From a few to a lot. That is not a very good answer, but as an example, Shave a sheep has 117 + a LEGO Dice, HEROICA Fortaan has 302 + a LEGO Dice.

  • General: Does it take 20 times to lose each game?

    Answer: No. Not unless you are very skilled – or very lucky.

  • General: I keep lifting the board when I pick up my figure!

    Answer: If you tilt your figure to the side before lifting it then you won’t lift the board.

  • General: Do all of the games include all 6 normal dice tiles?

    Answer: No. The games all include tiles to build on the dice for that specific game, but not the “standard” 1-6 tiles in addition to that.

  • General: Can you make up your own dice?

    Answer: Yes, you can put whatever sides on the LEGO Dice and make a rule for each side

  • General: I can't remove the tiles on the dice because I lost the wrench tool. What else can I use to remove the tiles?

    Answer: You can use the LEGO-shovel, your nail, a small coin – something small like that.

  • General: When and where can I buy the LEGO Games?

    Answer: You can already buy the first five games here online in the LEGO Shop! You can also buy the games in major toy, discount merchandise and specialty online stores.

    The first games available in the US are:

    - Monster 4 - starring ghouls and werewolves
    - Lava Dragon - featuring brave knights and a prehistoric dragon
    - Pirate Code - in which you need to crack the other pirates' codes to get your hands on the treasure!
    - Minotaurus - the legendary creature, against whom many brave heroes fought in vain... It's a maze in there, and it's every man for himself!
    - Creationary - in this game, you can really let your imagination, building and guessing skills run wild!

    You can find out more about each of these games in our LEGO Games Products section - how many players can play, age group, and about how long it usually takes to play each game, etc.

    The next round of games (five more) will be released August 1, 2010. At that time, you should be able to find all the games in stores everywhere you would normally find LEGO. Except they will be in the Board Games aisle!


    HEROICA: How can you win the game if you have all HEROICA parts but Fortaan?

    Answer: You choose the objective. Eg. you could choose to make the Dark Druid the main opponent, so whoever defeats the Dark Druid wins the game.

  • HEROICA: Do you guys think you could make an online Heroica game you know where you roll the dice and stuff like that?

    Answer: Maybe. It sounds as a good idea, BUT nothing beats a real boardgame. :)

  • HEROICA: In HEROICA we were trying to figure out if a move was necessary after rolling the die? For example, if you roll six do you have to move six spaces or just one space? And can you double back before you hit a dead end? If you don't have to move then one person can stay on a magic spot and keep moving doors around.

    Answer: You cannot roll 6 in HEROICA, the maximum is actually 3 on the LEGO Dice.

    You can move up to the number shown on the LEGO Dice.

    You can double back.

    In Waldurk: You move the magic doors every time you end your move on a magic space. So technically you could keep moving the magic doors, BUT you will not progress! AND remember the other players may pass through the magic doors if they are standing next to them and roll a HEROICA shield.

  • HEROICA: is Waldurk Forest pronouced with the English W or the German W (V) as in the German word Wald meaning woods?

    Answer: That depends on which character you are playing. The barbarian speaks with an austrian accent. (Anyway in German W is pronounced as a W - so it does not make a big difference).

  • When playing HEROICA Fortaan, how can a player get enough gold to buy any weapons?! There are only two treasure chests-that disappear after the first player that gets to them chooses them-and there are only 3 places with gold other than that. Should the gold be replaced after one player claims it? Or can the treasure chests be put back in play?

    Answer: The gold and treasure chests are not replaced. Normally, you will not earn a lot of gold for weapons in a single mission, but when playing Epic HEROICA you can. If you want to be able to buy weapons in a single game you can choose to add more gold to the board.

  • HEROICA: In "Epic Heroica," Can 2 or more people be the monsters, if at least one person is a Hero? Also, what will be some of the new characters in Heroica 2012?

    Answer: Probably what you are asking is if two people can control the monsters in Battle HEROICA, the answer is yes - BUT naturally it becomes more difficult for the Heroes. New Characters 2012 (Check out HEROICA Ilrion): Prince, Sage, Vampire Lord, Zombie.

  • HEROICA: Can I make items for HEROICA?

    Answer: Yes. You can make new items, rooms and adventures for HEROICA. Eg. you could make your own potions, add extra gold or weapons.

  • What is the best HEROICA set?

    Answer: Combining all 4 HEROICA sets is my favorite game. Doing that will give you a lot of possibilities for new and different missions… If I could choose only one set it would be #3860 HEROICA Castle Fortaan.

  • HEROICA: Can you play all four sets at once?

    Answer: Yes. You can combine all the sets and play them. If you go to the Movies section on the HEROICA site, you can see Nico and Thomas battle over who can build the coolest HEROICA world!

  • HEROICA: Do you get a dice for each HEROICA world?

    Answer: There is one LEGO Dice in each set – and it is used the same way in the games out now.

  • HEROICA: Can the druid heal other heroes?

    Answer: No. Not in the current rules, BUT it is an interesting rule suggestion! Try it out, see if you like it.

  • Harry Potter

    Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™: How can I use the characters in the game? (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco?)

    Answer: You can use the characters instead of the generic red, yellow, green and blue microfigures. OR you can make your own special rules for Harry Potter™ and his friends.

  • Harry Potter: Can I add Lord Voldemort to the game? A regular minifig?

    Answer: Great idea!

  • Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™: How many ways can you enter the tower?

    Answer: You can only enter the tower from one side. UNLESS you roll the Marauders map, if you do so you can enter from any adjacent room or staircase…

  • LEGO Champion

    Where can I find additional rules for LEGO Champion?

    Answer: You can find five new challenges for LEGO Champion under Download > Game Rules

  • Lava Dragon

    Lava Dragon: How do I move on the volcano?

    Answer: After you have rolled, if there is space on the side of the dice you rolled, then add one of your movement squares. You may move a step for each movement square you have on that side.
    When moving, you may move your knight one step horizontally – left or right - along the same level of the volcano OR climb up one level of the volcano. You may not move diagonally however.

    When you have finished moving your knight, continuing clockwise, any other player that has movement squares showing on the rolled side of the LEGO dice may also move their knights.

  • Lava Dragon: What happens when you step on an orange valcano block?

    Answer: You may not step onto an orange volcanic lava block!
    If you do so you I am sure you can imagine what would happen to your feet! Please don’t do it.

  • Lava Dragon: What do you do if you're on the highest point of the volcano and you roll a movement square in your knight’s color?

    Answer: Your turn ends. Keep your fingers crossed that on your next turn you will roll the Orange volcano tile so you can jump onto the back of the dragon!

  • Magikus

    Magikus: How and where does the owl move? Does it stay put in its initial location on the brown spaces above, or does it move to the side of the shelves?

    Answer: Before you roll the LEGO Dice you may move the owl to any brown space, so you may place it on either of the brown spaces above or the brown spaces on the side. The owl stays there until the next player moves it.

  • Magma Monster

    Magma Monster: If you are caught by a bat, how many turns do you wait until you are sent back to base?

    Answer: You have one chance to scare off the bat! When it is your turn and you have a bat on your head, roll the dice. If you do not roll black and remove the bat, then you are sent back man.

  • Magma Monster: If four players are playing do they need to build four or two paths?

    Answer: You may build as many paths as you want. Players do not have to build their “own” path.

  • Magma Monster: I need pieces for Magma Monster, Special Edition, where do I get them?

    Answer: Depending of which bricks you are missing you might find them here OR you can add some bricks from your LEGO collection to the game. Having different shapes of bricks will change the game and create some extra variation.

  • Magma Monster: What happens when I have a bat on my head and I am right in front of the monster? Do I have to fight the bat, or can I fight the monster?

    Answer: You have to fight off the bat first. In your next turn you might get a second chance to defeat the monster.

  • Magma Monster: What does the multi color tile on the dice for magma monster do, can I beat the monster with it or remove a bat?

    Answer: Yes, according to the game designer Bas Brederode, you can choose freely from any type of actions.

  • Magma Monster: If the first part of the path is brown, then grey, then tan, do I have to roll brown, then grey, then tan? Or can I just roll a tan and jump up to the Monster?

    Answer: Yes, you have to roll brown, then grey, then tan if you want to follow that path. You may not immediately jump up to the Monster.

    But… you can also place a new brick whenever you roll tan, grey or brown you can build your own path next to the existing path, then you don’t have to wait.

    If you are lucky you might even be able to connect to a different path of the same colour already on the board and advance really fast!

  • Magma Monster: What’s the name of the one who designed the game? I love this game!

    Answer: My name is Bastiaan Brederode – and THANK YOU, I’m glad you like it.

  • Meteor Strike

    Meteor Strike: What if the meteor gets stuck between two satellites or a wall?

    Answer: It stays there. It might be released later in the game. If all of the meteors are stuck remove them all and place them next to the board.

  • Meteor Strike: How many meteors do you drop if you have two meteor strike tiles?

    Answer: One each time you roll a side with a meteor.

  • Minotaurus

    Minotaurus: Do you need a player that can control the Minotaur?

    Answer: No. When you roll black you control the Minotaur and move him up to 8 spaces. If another player rolls black he/she does the same.

  • Minotaurus: Can I wall in the minotaur?

    Answer: Yes, but others might want to free the minotaur again when rolling grey

  • Minotaurus: If a hero runs into the Minotaur instead of the Minotaur running into the hero, does the hero have to go back to start?

    Answer: Yes! BUT it would make a great change rule, that you can knock the Minotaur back to the center if you land on him.

  • Minotaurus: Can you move under the minotaurus arm?

    Answer: No, the microfigure is too high to stand under the Minotaurs’ arm. But you are technically allowed to move over any step next to the minotaur. So turn the Minotaur if that is the space you want to stand.

  • Minotaurus: If you play with a green tile, and there are no hedges, what do you do?

    Answer: You move three steps.

  • Minotaurus: What happens if you trap the minotaurus with path walls?

    Answer: Then the Minotaurus is caught until someone releases him.

  • Minotaurus: Can you move a wall onto the secret temple?

    Answer: No.

  • Minotaurus: When you roll the grey tile, can you move the walls that are already in the maze?

    Answer: Yes.

  • I really love Minotaurus. Could you guys give me some tips on some ways to change the game?

    Answer: In the rules you can already find some change rules. But you could also consider a "sprint rule", you may re-roll as long as you dare, while the dice shows numbers - BUT if you have moved one of your heroes and you roll Minotaur or wall, your figure gets exhausted and is removed from the game.

  • Minotaurus: Can you surround a hero with walls?

    Answer: No. There should always be a free path to the center – but it can be VERY long :)

  • Minotaurus: Can heroes or the Minotaur jump over walls?

    Answer: No neither of them can do so in the basic game. BUT in the change rules you can find a variant where the heroes are able to jump hedges.

  • Minotarus: Do you have to get the exact number of spaces to get on the temple?

    Answer: No.

  • Minotaurus: Can you stop the minotaurus?

    Answer: Only by blocking his way with a wall.

  • Minotaurus: How many guys do you have to get to the chamber to win?

    Answer: That all depends on how long you want to play the game. You can decide on getting only one in the chamber for a short game, or try for two or even three to play the game longer.

  • Minotaurus: Can you remove a wall after it has already been moved?

    Answer: Yes. When you roll Wall (grey) you may move any wall on the board, whether it has been moved already or not.

  • Minotaurus: How close does the Minotaur have to be to a player to scare the player off?

    Answer: The Minotaur has to land on the same space to knock a player back to start.

  • Monster 4

    Monster 4: What do you do if all of your monsters are in the graveyard and you roll something that requires a move in the graveyard? Do you use one of the monsters already in the yard, or do you lose your turn?

    Answer: You move one of the monsters that is already placed in the graveyard. Just as you suggested.

  • Monster 4: What happens when you put the spider in a graveyard area? Does it stay, or does it go away?

    Answer: It stays. While the spider is there you can still place monsters in the area. It's just when the spider jumps in, it scares the monsters out!

  • Monster 4: Can you have a match using all four skeleton jokers?

    Answer: No. You can use the skeletons in combination with your own monsters to get four-in-a-row. So you need at least one of your own monsters in that line.

  • Monster 4: When I have a monster in the graveyard and the spider is already on the board and I roll a black tile to move the spider into a new graveyard - do I lose my monster? Are all monsters scared away - mine and the opponents' monsters?

    Answer: All the monsters placed in the “graveyardzone” the spider is moved to are scared away. All other monster stay. (Skeletons are not easily scared, so they stay).

  • Monster 4: Can you move the spider when it's on the board?

    Answer: Yes. When you roll black you move the spider.

  • Monster 4: Can you use your micro figures in color code in Monster 4?

    Answer: Yes. You can use any LEGO bricks, you have 4 of!

  • Monster 4: If a grave is not available, does that mean that you lose your turn (by walking like a zombie :oD)?

    Answer: Yes!

  • Ninjago

    Ninjago: Is the Ninjago game a co-op game?

    Answer: Yes. Ninjago the boardgame is a fully cooperative game.

  • Ningago: if the general is already on the space after the last temple space and you roll general what do you do?

    Answer: When the General steps down from the stairs he will claim a golden sword from the Ninjas and go back to the top of the stairs. If the Ninjas has no golden swords they loose! (Unless the get help from the Sensei). You can read the details in the rules under "Loosing golden weapons" and "Using the Sensei".

  • Ninjago: If you lose a fight against a guard does he stay or go?

    Answer: He stays. And if he is still there when it is you turn again, then you have to fight him again.

  • Ninjago: What happens if the army gets all 4 golden weapons?

    Answer: All the Ninjas lose the game

  • Ninjago: Can you jump over walls?

    Answer: No, not unless you are using the ninja rope.

  • Ninjago: Can you make players be the skeleton army?

    Answer: If you change the rules you can.

  • Ninjago: How do the ninjas move?

    Answer: Without a sound! And from space to space. Each of the spaces count as a move. You cannot move over walls (again unless you use the ninja rope).

  • Pirate Code

    Pirate Code: If you roll a color and want to move that color gem from one place to another, but there is already a gem of a different color in the spot you want, what do you do?

    Answer: If there is already a gem in that place, then you cannot place a new one. BUT: Remember you in each turn you have 2 gems, one of the colour you rolled –AND one of whatever colour you choose. For each of those gems you can choose to move a gem of the same colour INSTEAD of setting in a new one. SO in this case you can choose to move the gem that is in the way to another position and then place the crystal of the colour you rolled where it stood.

  • Pirate Code: If you roll a color you don't need, do you forfeit that gem move?

    Answer: Yes.

  • Pirate Plank

    Pirate Plank: What happens if you forget what plank you are on?

    Answer: I guess that you are playing with the ”Shark Survivor rule”. If that is the case and you roll “skull and crossbones”, you just jump back onto any empty plank.

    Otherwise: Try asking one of the other players.

  • Pirate Plank: Can you change planks?

    Answer: No. But you could make your own rule allowing that.

  • Pirate Plank: What happens when you fall of the plank on a shark?

    Answer: You are out of the game.
    But if you play with the change rule “Shark Survivor” You still have a chance…

    In reality: You should really try NOT to fall onto sharks.

  • Pirate Plank: How do you set up a dice for the game?

    Answer: The LEGO Dice starts out by having only the “Pirate tile” on the dice. The remaining tiles are built on during the game.

  • Race 3000

    Race 3000: How do you get through those yellow paths?

    Answer: When you are on an orange brick, you can switch onto the yellow shortcuts. You move just like normal on the yellow bricks.

  • Does the game end when the first player crosses the line?

    Answer: The first player to cross the line wins the game. You can though choose to play on to see who finishes in second and third place if you want to.

    If you are playing on for second and third place then we suggest applying this change rule suggested by Greig Chisholm that the winner stops rolling the dice and you remove the tiles in the winning cars colour from the dice allowing more room for the other cars to add tiles and speed their way to the finish line.

  • Race 3000: There is something wrong in my Race 3000 - the base plates are not good! What should I do?

    Answer: Uh-oh. That’s not supposed to happen – so sorry about that. Please contact consumer service.

  • In Race3000, if I'm on the outside track at an orange brick next to a short-cut and another is on the inside track on the orange track, can I overtake him to take the short-cut or does he block me from taking the short-cut?

    Answer: Yes, you can overtake him.

  • Race 3000: What happens if a player hits an oil can?

    Answer: The car stops and the player removes one of his “movement squares” from the LEGO Dice.

  • Race 3000: If the LEGO dice is filled what do I do when I roll?

    Answer: You just move one space.

  • Race 3000: On Race 3000, can you pass two or more cars at a time?

    Answer: Yes.

  • Ramses Pyramid

    Ramses Pyramid: If I have to turn the Pyramid, can I turn it by any way or is there any specific rule how to turn the pyramid? I mean that the pyramid can be turned by any direction and any way?

    Answer: The pyramid can be turned any way you want.

  • Ramses Pyramid: When I roll the dice and it shows the number leading me to the highest level of the pyramid, where I have to battle with the Ramses Mummy, can I fight with him even if there are still mummies on the same level? Or do I have to wait until me or my opponent gets the mummies down and the level for fighting Ramses is empty?

    Answer: You can fight him, even if there are still mummies at the same level, if you are standing on a side where there are no mummies, BUT you cannot stand beside a mummy, so you cannot move on to a step if a mummy is already there.

  • Ramses Pyramid: When I have to cover off the little temple to find the same crystal that is on the pyramid to allow me to go further, do I take this crystal to my tent, or do I leave it under cover and put it to the other place for little temples?

    Answer: You do not remove the crystal. It has to stay hidden under the temple, for the next player to discover. BUT you may move the temple to another “place for little temples”.

  • Ramses Pyramid: What happens when the last mummy is off the pyramid and on the last brown movement space?

    Answer: In the basic game: nothing. But If you play it as a cooperative game (Team play, one of the change rules) All the players lose and the Mummy king wins when all eight temple spaces are blocked by mummies.

  • Can I pick up the crystals on the pyramid?

    Answer: No, you may only pick up the crystals on the brown movement spaces when going around the pyramid at the start of the game.

  • Ramses Pyramid: If I roll the move and mummy tile but there are no mummies at the top of the pyramid, do I just move all the mummies down or do they just all stay there for the rest of the game?

    Answer: Yes. You do just move all the mummies down as you describe.

    But it could be a nice change rule, maybe like this: When there are no mummies at the top of the pyramid, the mummies stay where they are.

  • How many mummies move when I roll ”Mummy”?

    Answer: When you roll mummy ONE NEW mummy steps down from the top layer AND ALL mummies that are already on the way down now step down a layer too.

  • What do I do with the crystals I have collected?

    Answer: The crystals make it easier to climb the pyramid.

    When you want to move up one layer on the pyramid you need to reveal a crystal in a secret temple matching the crystal on that layer. BUT if you already have a matching crystal by your tent you can move to that layer without needing to reveal a crystal from a secret temple.

  • Ramses Pyramid: If you’re on the side of the pyramid with the mummy and there's a crystal between you and the mummy, do you still get knocked off the pyramid?

    Answer: If you are on the same layer and the same side as the mommy, the YES you will be knocked off the pyramid.

  • Ramses Pyramid: If I'm on the 5th of the 7th layer of the temple and I roll a 3 on the dice, do I move 2 levels to the 7th level or do I have to roll the exact number to get to the 7th layer?

    Answer: You do not have to roll the exact number. You may move up to the number you rolled.

  • Ramses Pyramid: What happens when I roll a mummy tile and all the mummies are gone?

    Answer: If all the mummies are gone, then you just move your figure.

  • Ramses Pyramid: If a mummy passes you going down the pyramid, but ends on a lower level, are you knocked off?

    Answer: Yes. You are knocked off the pyramid as soon as a mummy steps onto the same space as you, even during another players turn. So a mummy will never pass you…

  • Ramses Pyramid: If you've guessed a color correctly, do you get to keep that crystal?

    Answer: No. The crystals in the temples can not be picked up.

  • Ramses Pyramid: What happens when a mummy reaches the bottom of the pyramid?

    Answer: The mummy moves to brown temple spaces.

  • Ramses Pyramid: If you have to recircle the pyramid do you go back to the level you were on?

    Answer: You only circle the pyramid once. Later in the game, if you are kicked off the pyramid by the mummies, you immediately set your figure at the bottom of the pyramid, at the side of your choice.

  • Ramses Pyramid: If I roll mummy can I move the mummy king?

    Answer: No. (But you can make your own rule for doing that.)

  • Ramses Return

    Ramses Return: What makes one space? Is it a LEGO bubble or a square between gold divides?

    Answer: The brick in the center of the board is a space, the temple spaces (where the “bubbles” are stood) and all of the outer spaces (where you find treasures and crystals) are all spaces.

  • Robo Champ

    Robo Champ: Can you assemble a random robot?

    Answer: Yes – but you will not win the game this way. Try building a new color robot using your own LEGO bricks.

  • Can I win the game with a robot of any colour?

    Answer: Yes. If you are the first player to complete a robot in one colour you win, even if it is another colour than the one you started out with.

  • Robo Champ: What happens if you roll “swap parts” and there isn’t anything to swap or you don’t want to?

    Answer: If you roll the dice, then you can decide if you want to swap or not.

  • Robo Champ: What happens when you roll a color in Robo Champ, and you have all the parts in that color already?

    Answer: If you have all the parts of one colour, then you have already won! Hurry and assemble your robot (remember as soon as you have a robot of one colour you have won, no matter if it is a robot of the same colour as the piece you started out with.

  • Sunblock

    Sunblock: What happens if 4 trash cans come together?

    Answer: Nothing – sun beds still can’t be on a space next to any trash can.

  • Wild Wool

    Wild Wool/Shave a Sheep: If you roll wolf but there is no sheep to shave, what do I do?

    Answer: If you roll a side where you can’t do anything, then you do nothing.

    But you could make a new rule, speeding up the game saying: BEFORE you roll the LEGO Dice you add one piece of wool to your sheep. Then you roll the dice and carry out the action (add more woll, swap, shear or use the wolf).

  • Wild Wool: Do you shear your sheep if it has five blocks of wool?

    Answer: Yes – if your sheep has five blocks of wool, when your turn begins, you shave your sheep before rolling the dice.

LEGO® Games Website Closing Soon

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