Children’s safety is of the utmost importance to us. Our ambition is to provide children with the safest and highest quality play experiences while also working towards raising standards in the toy industry.

At the LEGO Group we work to make the safest play experiences for children everywhere – by implementing toy safety excellence in our business and setting standards for our entire industry.

The safest play experiences

We have a zero product recall approach to all LEGO® products sold worldwide. Since 2009 no products have been recalled. To support a zero recall objective, we integrate product safety measures when we select materials, design and develop our products, and also throughout our production processes. All new LEGO elements undergo a meticulous safety assessment that covers mechanical/physical safety, electrical safety, hygiene safety, and flammable safety.

We work with our raw material suppliers and constantly adopt the most advanced measures to manage the chemistry that goes into making LEGO products. We also work on ways to minimise the health and environmental risks that these chemicals present. Consequently, LEGO elements are high-quality products that last year after year, maybe even for generations.

High-quality play

We are fully committed to delivering products, which children and parents perceive as contributing to premium play experiences, and a brand associated with very high-quality standards. In our constant effort to maintain and provide premium quality standards, we know that consumer feedback is essential in helping us define our quality levels.

We appreciate all feedback we receive from our consumers on quality, play, and building experiences, and we are constantly working to implement the feedback and ideas in our business operations.

Working with the toy industry

We know that product safety goes well beyond any product recall – it is about ensuring that our products are as safe as possible to play with. We invest heavily in understanding safety concerns and in developing approaches to solving them.

We believe it is our responsibility to engage actively in improving product safety throughout the entire toy industry, and for this reason we have chosen to support the secretariats that govern the development of EU and ISO standards and also to hold the chairmanships for the European (CEN) and International (ISO) toy safety committees. In the US, the LEGO Group is an important contributor to the ASTM-committee, which is responsible for the US toy safety standard. Improvement of toy safety standards is an ongoing task that the LEGO Group will continue to play an active role in.

When it comes to compliance, we document the fulfilment of all standards and regulations that apply in the markets where we sell our products, e.g. our full compliance to the EU Toy Safety Directive.