The LEGO Group’s responsibility priorities rest on a strong foundation of our company values and our mission: Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.

We integrate our efforts on the responsibility agenda in our daily work and in how we run our business, and we continuously seek to improve our positive impact, which is why we actively monitor our progress in a range of important and clearly defined responsibility areas. To find out more about our responsibility areas and responsibility at the LEGO Group click on the links to the left or read the new LEGO Group Responsibility Report 2014.


For the LEGO Group, our responsibility ambition is to make a positive impact on the world our children will inherit. 

Children are our role models, and children inspire us to be the best we can be. The world has changed since the first LEGO® brick was created in 1958, but we have not changed our fundamental belief that children have the right to creative, fun, safe, and high-quality play experiences in a healthy and safe world.

Our desire to support children is derived from our heritage, deeply rooted in our culture, and serves as the foundation of our Planet Promise. This promise is our commitment to society as a whole to do our part to address today’s challenges in creating a better tomorrow. 

To ensure we are informed of the areas where we can make the greatest difference, we are in ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders, including NGOs, employees, customers and legislative bodies, while also evaluating our impact and opportunities unique to the LEGO Group.

We are committed to working across our key priorities, today and every day, for the builders of tomorrow.


Developing Children

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Product Safety

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Child Responsible Business

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Responsible Business Conduct

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