Markus Kossman

Torque talk – the hidden power of gears

January 01

Think about this – LEGO(r) TECHNIC would not be very technical – or be much fun to build – without the humble cogwheel, an ingenious invention first used over 2300 years ago.

Niels Henrik Horsted

Introducing the first interactive 3D Digital Building Instructions for Technic

December 17

For the first time ever, you can now download a free, interactive LEGO Digital Building Instructions app for a Technic model. It’s an early version, but we’re very excited!

Markus Kossman

Building the next big thing: the development of 42009 Mobile Crane MK II

November 15

Imagine you’ve got in front of you the 42009 Mobile Crane MK II, un-built and still in its huge box. With 2600 elements, its the biggest ever LEGO® Technic model, and with  127 gears and multiple power functions, it’s also the most advanced. Quite a building challenge; we think you’ll agree.