Milan Reindl

New designer joins the team

November 01

It's actually been a while since Milan joined us. We've just been so busy with the competition that we haven't found the time to sit down for a proper introduction until now!

So, what's your story, Milan? Where are you from?
I'm from the Czech Republic where I worked as a teacher of English and chemistry.

How did you go from teaching to becoming a LEGO Technic designer?
It started on Christmas 2005 when I got my first studless set. I immediately fell in love with the new building system. Four years ago, I decided to send my CV to LEGO. In 2010 Ricco (who was design lead at the time) called me for an interview in Prague. Unfortunately for me the team ended up choosing an internal candidate. So I kept teaching, hehe!
Then last year, Ricco moved to a different design project at LEGO, and Jeppe called me to see if I would still be interested in joining the team. We had an interview in December 2011and I moved to Denmark in April this year.

What's been the best part of your job so far?
Building! LEGO is a form of art in my opinion - - You can build anything even from Technic – animals, boats, planes, helicopters... Oh, and I sit next to Markus! He has always been a bit of an icon for me, a face of LEGO Technic. But the whole team is full of talented and super friendly people.

What do you do here when you're not working?
Well, I used to build in my spare time, haha! Now I rollerblade and play frisbee. I suck at sports in general, but frisbee is a lot of fun. Sometimes I read, go to gym, play computer games or watch films with friends.

What do you like most about LEGO Technic?
I like sleek lines and curves. Planes and race cars are my favourite kind of models. From the elements I like the angled connectors. They are unique and make even the weirdest constructions possible.

What would be your dream model to build?
A display team jet plane! But I love working on every model I can get my hands on.