Niels Henrik Horsted

LEGO Technic roars into summer with four new sets

August 01
LEGO Technic roars into summer with four new sets. Each features the hallmarks of the line: more complex builds, realistic details, models based on real-life vehicles, and an enormous amount of functionality. Here’s a look at all four new models:

Mini Off-Roader
Sometimes the most fun you can have driving isn’t on the road – it’s off the road! That’s why Technic model designer Lars Thygesen created the Mini Off-Roader, a detailed replica of a real all-terrain machine.

Top priority going in was to give it the same awesome features that a real off-roader has, including independent four-wheel suspension, big tires, and even doors that open. Of course, being a LEGO model, there’s more than one vehicle you can build with this set. Just remove the top section and you can rebuild it into a mini buggy to blast over sand dunes!

The toughest terrain is easy to tackle with the Technic mini off-roader.

Monster Truck
Monster truck shows are popular all over the world, as giant machines with huge tires do amazing stunts. These specialized vehicles needed a specialized LEGO Technic design to capture the look and feel of the real thing.

Model designer Lars Krogh Jensen started with extreme 4-wheel suspension, and followed that with all-wheel steering. Giant wheels were a necessity, and the flame detailing gives the truck just the right touch. After you’ve crushed the competition with this mean machine, you can rebuild it into a monster dune buggy with rear suspension, steering and a moveable rear spoiler.

Stage your own monster truck shows with your friends and see who comes out the winner!

Service Truck
When a motorist is stranded, he needs help fast. He relies on a Service Truck with all the right equipment to get him to a garage or get him back on the road. That’s why Technic model designer Alfred Pedersen made sure his replica of a Service Truck has everything it needs to get the job done.

The LEGO Technic Service Truck comes complete with Power Function features to extend the rear outriggers or extend and raise the fully adjustable crane arm into position. Then the hook can be lowered with the working winch, the rear wheel lift unfolded, and you are a ready to tow a car! This 8-wheeler also features a hydraulic lifting element. You can also take the model apart and convert it into a truck with a crane that can raise and lower, grabbers, outriggers and a detachable trailer.

When your LEGO car is in a ditch, call on the Service Truck to come to the rescue!

Mobile Crane MK II
Ever wonder what the biggest, most complex LEGO Technic model ever constructed might be? Which model uses the most elements to create a life-like replica of a real vehicle?

The Mobile Crane MK II, designed by Markus Kossmann, wears the crown, coming in at a whopping 2,600+ pieces. This scale model includes 8-wheel steering, a rotating superstructure, and a detailed V8 motor with moving pistons. Power Functions features let you extend the outriggers, lower the feet, and extend or raise the crane arm up to 75 cm into the air. Lower the hook with the working winch and get ready to lift the load! Rebuild the MK II crane into a container stacker and truck featuring an extending and raising boom.

When you have a big job to handle, you need a big mobile crane to get it done – and they don’t come any bigger than the LEGO Technic MK II Mobile Crane.

All four of these models are exciting and fun to build … but they are only the start. You can take the pieces from any of these sets and create your own Technic models. What will you build? Make sure to upload a photo of your model to the Model Gallery on so everyone can get a look at what you designed!