Niels Henrik Horsted

Top 100 emails

April 12
If you were among the Top 100 and haven’t seen an email from us, it may be because your model didn’t comply with the competition rules.

We also received error messages from a few of the emails we sent out. So if you know you made it to the Top 100, haven’t heard from us, and you’re not sure why, please email us again no later than May 3, 2013 with

- Your LEGO ID user name
- The email address you used when you created your LEGO ID
- A valid email address, if you think there’s a chance your LEGO ID account is not up to date
- Your full name
- Your postal address

And we will get back to you as soon as we can, either with your prize, or an answer to why we couldn’t include your model.

All the best,

The LEGO Technic Team