Michael Jeppesen

LEGO Technic Designer

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About me

I have always played with LEGO but in 1996 it became my full-time employment. I started working with LEGO Technic right from the beginning but then tried out BIONICLE and then LEGO Mindstorms only to go back to BIONICLE and finally ended the full circle back in the LEGO Technic Team.

What I do outside LEGO: In my spare time, I like to read, draw & paint. I also have the urge to open and disassemble anything mechanical, to see how it works. 

Best Creation I have ever made: I think that must be the model I'm currently working on, but that's a secret ;-) 

My favorite type of model would be: I prefer the models that have a lot of functionalities.

My favorite product

The 8226 Mud Masher because it was my very first model.

Most challenging creation

Every model is challenging in its own way.