Secrets revealed

To celebrate the launch of The Yoda Chronicles Wednesday May 29 8/7c; LEGO® Star Wars™ unveiled the largest LEGO model ever in Times Square on May 23rd - a life size, brick built version of the LEGO® X-Wing Starfighter™! Here are some fun facts about the model: · It contains 5,335,200 LEGO bricks · It took 32 LEGO Master Model Builders over 17,336 hours to design, develop and build · The total weight (with steel reinforcement) is over 45,979 lbs · The engines light up and make real engine sounds · A full size person can fit in the cockpit. If you would like to see this LEGO X-wing Starfighter model in person it will be at LEGOLAND® California on June 14, 2013! Please check out the videos below to see great moments from our reveal in Times Square, NYC on May 23rd!