Nya is Kai’s sister and has proven herself to be a hero many times.
When the ninja team first formed, she had a hard time getting into the action.
She was never trained in Spinjitzu, but still wanted to be part of the adventure.
By disguising herself as Samurai X, she showed she was just as capable as Kai or any of the others. She is now a valued member of the team, capable of taking charge in a crisis.
Nya has always wanted a chance to make a real difference in a fight – she is about to get her wish.

• Nya's first version of her Samurai X mech was blue … which is her favorite color.
• Nya has the high score in 'Fist to Face 2' but she keeps it a secret because she doesn't want to upset her brother.
• Nya's bracelet originally belonged to her mother.
• When Nya was two years old, she always slept with a plush dragon she called Sparky.
• Jay's Mother Edna has a photograph of Nya and Jay in her wallet. Jay is still looking for it … he must have lost it somehow.