LEGO® DUPLO® is an unlimited source of creative play for preschoolers (ages 1 ½-5) . See your child imagine, create and explore whole new worlds with oversize LEGO bricks designed to fit perfectly in small hands.


    Play is fun, but as toy makers we take it very seriously. All LEGO DUPLO products are made to the highest possible standards of quality and safety - because for us playing safe is the only way to play.


    We’ve got 44 years of experience with children’s play patterns, so we know what children of any age are going to do to their toys before they do.

  • Baby in Bloom (Up to 2 years)

    The first few years of a baby’s life are precious for parents. There’s nothing quite like watching children take their first uncertain steps or hearing that magical first word.

  • Reflecting Reality (2 years)

    Your child still learns by playing - and with the onset of imagination comes the urge to go shopping, have tea parties or drive great, big busses. Pretend busses, of course. Copying grown-ups and our activities is your child’s way of getting to understand more about the world at this age.

  • Imaginary Independence (3 years)

    At age 3, your child will begin to love company - and especially playing together. There’s so much to learn for a three-year-old, but with a little encouragement and praise from Mum and Dad everything becomes exciting and worth learning.

  • Childish Curiosity (4 years)

    They speak in questions. That’s four-year-olds in a nutshell. Your child is incredibly curious about the world and everything in it, so prepare to answer all sorts of questions. We bet at least one of them will have you stumped and become the stuff of family legend - you know, the kind your child will be embarrassed to hear repeated in a graduation speech down the line.