The LEGO® Creator series lets your child experiment in the world that they live in. With houses, cars, planes and creatures, this is a world that is perfect for your child’s imagination. The 3-in-1 building system means that each set can be rebuilt three ways, so there’s no limit to the fun.

    With LEGO® Creator, your child can create a huge range of realistic buildings and vehicles that look just like their own world. There are cars and planes, or even super-cool seaside houses all in bright LEGO colors that are designed to stimulate play and growing imaginations. When they’re ready for a change, thanks to the 3-in-1 building system, they can rebuild it into a whole new structure for some exciting new adventures. With the addition of a Power Mech robot that can be rebuilt into a helicopter or a truck and a soaring new eagle, their imaginations can go even further.
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    LEGO® Creator Expert helps take the building experience to the next level. Designed for experienced teenagers or adults, it involves challenging building techniques and high levels of creativity. The range allows the builder to create iconic buildings, classic vehicles and the winter seasonal sets.

    The LEGO® Creator Expert series have been specially created for experienced builders, from teenagers to adults. They involve a high level of building skills and also a special level of creativity and imagination to get the most from each set. As each set calls on special skills, the rewards are greater, too, with some of the world’s most inonic buildings included here as well as cars, planes and trains, or even the winter seasonal set to help get the builder in the holiday mood. Bought as treats and gifts, or even to indulge yourself, these sets offer hours of challenging, creative fun.
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