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Nationality: Canadian

Motto: You can do it!

About Me: I grew up in Québec, Canada, and I speak French and English. I'm a huge LEGO fan at heart, having his dream job: designer for LEGO CITY! I like to create big LEGO CITY layouts both at home and to display at events when I can. I enjoy meeting and chatting with other LEGO fans from around the world.

Favorite model: I love trains! :-D

Best creation I did: I would say my best creation so far in CITY is the 3677 - Red Cargo Train, but the 10219 - Maersk Train holds a special place in my heart. :-)

The most challenging: Was the 7207 - Fire Boat, because it had to float and be stable (as much as a boat can be!).

My Inspiration and Creations

This is the most challenging model I have made