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Nationality: French

Motto: Carpe Diem !

About Me: I grew up surrounded by mountains, and all my childhood was about ski, snowboard, mountaineering, etc. but also circus and board games. I continued a bit with the circus, and then, with board games as toy librarian, until I moved to Denmark to work for LEGO as graphic designer, and here I am ! Now, I spend all my leisure time to create illustrations, to play board games and to discover this country.

Favorite model: I think it’s still the 6887 - Allied Avenger. I spent hours and hours to play with the Blacktron 2 theme when I was young, to build it again and again. I was a big fan of these minifigures too, maybe that’s why I’m here now !

Best creation I did: As I’m a new graphic designer in Lego City, I can’t talk about my creations yet, but I hope it will come soon ! ^^

The most challenging: For me, it was (and still is !) to learn all the process to create and produce minifigure decorations and stickers, and also to learn English and Danish (or to teach French to my colleagues !).

My Inspiration and Creations

Favorite model