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Nationality: Danish

Motto: Don't tell me I can't do it....

About Me: I have always been building with LEGO bricks, Today I have my dream job as Senior Designer in LEGO CITY. I started working for LEGO in 1998 in Model Team - since then I have been building models / Creating new LEGO elements / Decorations and stickers for Star Wars, Orient Express, Alpha Team, LEGO Island, Spiderman, Harry Potter, Jack Stone, World City, Shop at Home and since 2004 LEGO CITY ( Best LEGO Line EVER ). I just love my job.

What I love the most is building all the Trucks in LEGO CITY. I Love trucks !!!!.

Models I have made for LEGO CITY: 7249 XXL Mobile Crane : 7239 Fire Truck : 7897 Passenger Train . 7894 Airport : 7994 Harbour : 7990 Cement Mixer : 7945 Fire Station : 7733 Truck & Forklift : 3221 LEGO Truck : 3222 Helicopter & Limousine : 7208 Fire Station : 7939 Cargo Train..... and many more

Other Models I have made: 10152 MAERSK Container Ship : 10177 Boeing Dreamliner : 10189 Taj Mahal : 10024 Red Baron : 3451 Sopwith Camel : 10124 Wright Flyer.... and many more.

My first LEGO Model: 7191 Ultimate Collector Series X-Wing Fighter....... next 7181 Ultimate Collector Series TIE Interceptor

My Favorite Element that I designed: 50746 Roof Tile 1x1.... ( internally called a Henrik Brick )

My Inspiration and Creations

I love building all the trucks in LEGO City