Name on Message Board:


Nationality: Irish

Motto: Where is that brick I need?! I just put it down a second ago!

About Me:
 I grew up on a small farm in Ireland, and have always loved drawing, design and of course, playing with LEGO bricks! Now I get to do all of those things for a living, which is a lot of fun! In my spare time I like going to concerts, hanging out with friends and travelling… I am trying to see the whole world, one country at a time! Oh, and I am also secretly training to be an astronaut… ssshhh!!

Favorite model:
 I love the LEGO City Farm, it is something I had always wished for when I was a kid. I really hope we do another farm some day, because I have tons of cool ideas for the next version!

Best creation I did:
 The LEGO City Space Center (3368) because I have always been interested in space travel, and had the old LEGO Shuttle Launch Pad (6339) when I was a kid, so it was really cool to have the chance to design the newest version.

The most challenging:
 The Space Center was also by far the most challenging – building tall structures with LEGO bricks is always difficult, and I spent many late nights trying to make the tower and rocket stable enough so that the model could survive all the action that takes place at the Space Center during a rocket launch!

My Inspiration and Creations

This is the best creation I have made so far