Name on Message Board:

Nationality: British

Motto: Chocolate!

About me: I’m from a small town in the south east of England. I went to university to study product design and now I’m here in Denmark.

In my spare time: I like to DJ and listen to music, sketch, read and hang out with friends. I like to keep busy, so I’ll set myself mini projects, head out to the shed and build things!  

Favourite model: I was lucky enough to receive 8480 – Technic Space Shuttle for Christmas one year. It was awesome. Really complicated and packed with functions. Kept me quiet for days!

Best creation I did: My favorite has to be my first model. Set number 5884 – Raptor Chase. It was a hard task, but I was really happy with the final model! Dinosaurs are awesome! 

The most challenging: Probably learning to speak Danish! But model wise, 9466 The Crazy Scientist & His Monster was a tricky set to accomplish!


My Inspiration and Creations

Favorite model