The Land of CHIMA

Once, Chima was a land of peace and tranquility, until a battle over the powerful energy source called CHI threatened to rip it apart. When the tribes finally put down their weapons and enemies became friends again, it seemed as if everything would return to normal once more. 

The future looked bright. Then the Hunter tribes appeared, freed from their icy prison underground. They spread snow and ice wherever they went, transforming Chima into a frozen wasteland. Battered by the cold and taken by surprise by the Saber Tooths, Vultures and Mammoths, the tribes reeled and the entire land was in peril. Salvation came from the discovery of the Phoenix tribe and their Fire CHI.

It seemed that the battle would be won. But it was not so easy to make this winter go away, and the Hunters still maintain an icy grip on the places they have conquered. Relentless cold, blizzards and ice storms are still the rule over much of Chima. The tribes must fight on to restore warmth and peace to their homeland.