Click the floating CHI throughout the web site, collect points
Find the Leaking Chi

The animals of Chima need your help – precious CHI is leaking out of the world of Chima, and you can help them find it!

Balls of floating CHI – the energy that powers the entire world of Chima – is in danger, and the imbalance of CHI threatens the thousand-year stability of the land. Some of the missing CHI is floating through the LEGO CHIMA website, and the animals need your help to capture it. The more CHI you capture, the more you help. As a reward, you will receive points that you can redeem in the CHIMA VAULT for cool digital rewards. The more points you get, the more – and better – rewards you can get!

You can also find codes that are worth a lot of points – look for them in various places. See the Code Locator to find out where you can get these codes.

You’ll be helping to fill up the CHI Fountain, and once the Fountain reaches certain levels, new rewards are unlocked that you can buy with your points.

The location of the CHI on the LEGO CHIMA website changes every day, so you’ll need to be extra diligent to find it all!

Find out more about the CHIMA VAULT and CHI.