Chima Online

Now experience even more epic adventures in CHIMA Online with the largest content update since launch! Travel through the vast, uncharted Outlands filled with threats and unknown enemies. Explore ten new, exciting levels and power yourself with over two thousand unique items: armors, weapons and potions. Prepare for battle with expanded abilities such as the Croc Swamp Blast and Bear Healing Wave to help you in your victory. And for the first time ever, switch your character’s tribe by using special Alchemy potions! Now you can team up with the Crocs, Wolves and Rhinos to battle against the new, dangerous creepy-crawlies. In addition, use the never-before-seen Treasure Hunt System to customize and craft your own dungeons for endless replay!
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    You can play the entire game from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with WIFI connection and continue your game later from any computer. Connect with other iOS, PC, and MAC players all in the same game world!

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