Moderation Team

Name on Message Board:

Moderation Team

Nationality: All over the world.


Motto: “Create and share.”


About us: The LEGO Children’s Community & Moderation Team is responsible for watching over the Message Boards and galleries. We moderate fan content and engage with community members. We are all very passionate about LEGO building and the amazing community of LEGO fans we support.


In our spare time: Some of our interests include: watching movies, reading, hanging out with family and friends, eating tasty food, traveling, playing with our pets, listening to and making music, and (of course) building cool LEGO creations.


Favourite model: It may sound corny but our favorite LEGO models are really the creations submitted by gallery members. We love to see how creative and clever you all can be!


Best creation I did: One time we had a building race where, in pairs, we tried to build a set based just on verbal instructions that our partners gave us. All of our sets came out a bit silly looking but we loved them!


The most challenging: That would also have to be the sets we made when we were racing. It’s really tricky to build accurately with someone else yelling “not that way. It goes the other way. No to the left. Move it one stud to the left!”




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