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Nationality: German

Motto: How can we make this even better?

About me: I grew up in Germany and the United States. I have always loved drawing and LEGO has always been my favorite toy, so you can imagine it was a dream come true when I started my job here as a LEGO designer! Whenever I get the chance I do sports like skiing, martial arts and archery, I enjoy reading comic books and graphic novels and I like role-play games. Basically anything that is linked to medieval times and fantasy!

Favorite model: The 60021 Cargo Heliplane is definitely my favorite airplane model out there! It looks amazing and I really like the lumberjacks and all of their equipment.

Best creation I did: The 60008 Museum Break-in is one of the models that I’m quite proud of! It was fun to be able to work on the Elite Police vehicles and I even managed to get a sword in the model as a display in the museum…

The most challenging: When I worked on the 60015 Coast Guard Plane it was quite a challenge to figure out a clever way to attach the pontoons. I built countless versions that had to go through all sorts of testing and I was running out of ideas. But in the end some of the other designers helped me optimize all the solutions I had been working on and we found one that worked. Man, it’s an awesome feeling to have a whole team of great designers back you up when you need it!

My Inspiration and Creations

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