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Nationality: British

Motto: Always take a raincoat!

About Me: I grew up on the Isle of Wight – a small island in the south of the UK. I have always loved building things, all shapes and sizes using anything I can get my hands on: wood, cardboard, clay and of course LEGO!! I have just graduated with a degree in Product Design (in 2011) and have got the best job in the world as a LEGO designer J

Favorite model: The 7207 Fire Boat is my favourite model. As I am from a small island, I love boats! It such a good set, with plenty of detail. It reminds me of the LEGO boat that I used to have in the bath when I was little!

Best creation I did: As I’m new designer on City I haven’t created anything yet! But I’m working on a lot of products that you will see in the future!

The most challenging: So far, the most challenging thing has been learning the style of building in LEGO City.

My Inspiration and Creations

As I am from a small island, I love boats!