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Nationality: Danish

Motto: “Attention to details”

About me: I have a background from Art Schools in Denmark and Germany. I have worked for LEGOTechnic , LEGO Racers and now I am in LEGO City. I am crazy about fast cars like Ferrari and I find Rat Rods cool and next to cars  architecture has my true passion. 

Favorite Product model:  I I ike the Tiny Turbos from LEGO Racers – so much attitude in these small vehicles.

Best Creation I Did:   The LEGO Racers line – because here we did not only do new models and functions we did also new packaging, PC games, stories and we did the 4D movie and some of the rides for the LEGOLAND Parks. Later we launched our LEGO Ferrari models too. What a ride!!

The Most Challenging:   8369 Dirt Crusher RC  from LEGO Racers . This RC was really a challenge –  It should be fast, powerful and strong enough for its out door use and secondly it should be a true LEGO experience – think we made it! 

My Inspiration and Creations

l like the Tiny Turbos from LEGO Racers