Niels Henrik Horsted

Technic pull-back racers star in new mini movie game

March 26

As you may have noticed, we’re pretty excited about the pull-back racers; the Black Champion Racer (42026) and the Desert Racer (42027)

Like all car manufacturers, we test drive our vehicles before we send them into the world.

And when you want to get a new car, you want to know how it performs, right?

We’ve put together a test racing mini movie game that gives you a little taste of how these racers rock and rule the road. Test your own skills on and off-road, in tunnels and curves, on ramps and rocks. (It’s all safe - you don’t even need a racing suit or helmet.)

Just choose a car, and find the best route to stay in the race and unlock rewards for the web game.

Enough talking – Play the Champion and Desert Racer mini movie game here! 

And check back in a couple of weeks when Aurélien shares his best tips, tricks and secrets about the pull-back racers!

Technic Black Champion Racer (42026) tunnel track in the mini movie game

Technic Black Champion Racer (42026) mini movie game status

Technic Black Champion Racer (42026) in the mini movie game