Niels Henrik Horsted

Co-Creations winner model box

June 27
In our latest blog post, we told you all about the exclusive details in Egor’s winning Co-Creations model. An exclusive model like this requires a unique collector’s box. So that’s what we set out to create.

The design:
The result is a one of a kind, never before seen LEGO® Technic box with a sleek and shiny finish and, for the first time in Technic history, without the full model on the front of the box. We focused on the signature white lines on the hood of the car and let them dominate the box to create a strong link between the model and the packaging. So part of the model actually IS on the front of the box – it’s just an extreme close-up.

The material:
If you have ever played LEGO Games, you have probably noticed that those boxes are a little different from other LEGO boxes. They have a top and bottom, the material is thicker and sturdier, and they are meant to be opened and closed again and again without suffering wear and tear. All of these qualities match what we wanted for Egor’s model.

Special features:
The inside of the lid is signed by all our LEGO Technic designers. (Okay, we only signed our names once, then had them printed, since we’re really busy with next year’s models and couldn’t find the time to personally sign 20,000 boxes… Hope you’re still okay with that? ;D) On the back of the box are highlights of some of the new elements and colors used in the model.

So this concludes the final design phase in the biggest Technic Co-Creations competition ever! You can see it here, and hopefully you will get a chance to see it in real life, too. We hope you are as happy with the final model and box as we are. This is YOUR model. The whole package is our tribute to all of you, our amazing builders, fans, and everyone who participated and voted in the competition. We literally couldn’t have done it without you!

Join us next time when Egor visits LEGO HQ to pick up the first box from the production line!