Markus Kossman

New Mobile Crane 42009 is the biggest we've ever built!

April 29

What did the Technic Team plan to do with the new Mobile Crane?

With 2606 elements, the LEGO Technic Mobile Crane 42009 is the biggest, and most complex model we've built so far.

It took a year to develop, from the first rough sketches, to the final model was approved.

The last crane we built was in 2005 (8421 Mobile Crane). That was a very cool model, too. It had four axles, pneumatic linear actuators, manual outriggers, and it was very open.

Our goal for the 42009 was to make the model even more sturdy, real life-like, and give it all the functions a real mobile crane has.

The new elements and improved functions include:

- Cross-axle with 8 tooth gearwheel without friction
- Five axles, including four-axle steering
- 8-cylinder engine
- Power Functions
- New outriggers controlled by gear box (up, down, in, out)
- Motorized telescopic boom that extends in two stages - and it can lift heavy
loads even when fully extended.
- Seats and opening doors in crane and cockpit
- Large linear actuators
- Smooth surfaces gives it a very life-like look.

How long does it take to build?
I think an experienced LEGO Technic builder will probably be able to build it in 10-12 hours. So lots of building value!

What can you tell us about the B-model?
It's a container stacker, plus a container and a truck. The truck has four-wheel steering, and the container stacker has an extendable boom that can lift the container.

When the grab arm is lowered onto the container and locked, it automatically centers the container into place, and you can lock the container onto the stacker arm.

Not all the elements in the box are used in the B-model, but you actually get three models and that adds really great play value.

We actually check the Gallery, so if you want to show off your Mobile Crane when you're done building, or if you build something else from the box, we would love to see it. So keep building, and go show off in the Gallery.