Niels Henrik Horsted

Updated Technic website

June 13

Our new web design is live! That calls for cake.

We wanted our website to focus on you and what you love about Technic. Have you looked around yet? If not, here are a couple of the features we have worked on. Make yourself at home!

Building instructions for Technic models
When you visit the products section, you can now see everything related to each model. That includes building instructions, which you can download directly from each model page.

Technic Fan section:
In the new Technic Fan section, we've collected a bunch of behind the scenes stuff -- videos, blog, bios, and more detailed information about the big models. You can also find links to some of your favorite Technic fan sites. They're some of our favorite fan sites, too, by the way -- if you don't know them already, pay them a visit, and tell them we said hi!

New Gallery
If you ever visited our Gallery before, you probably noticed that everything used to be in English. We wanted to make uploading your creations to the Gallery as easy as possible, so in most countries, you now have the Gallery in your own language.

The new Funzone is now your direct link to the LEGO Technic games. Have you tried the new Pullback game yet?

Overall, we hope it's now easier for you to find exactly what you're looking for!

All the best,
The Technic Team