Uwe Wabra

New Grand Prix Racer 42000 combines the best of everything

February 27
What is your favorite feature in the 42000 Grand Prix Racer?
That we managed to get it so close to what a racer looks like in real life. It was a challenge but I'm very happy with the result.

Is it based on an existing race car model?
No. We studied a wide range of racecars, and we took the best of all worlds and combined it into this model.

What can it do?
We have new elements, like the wheel bearings. The front wheel bearings are different from the back wheel bearings, and the tires are new as well. We had a high focus on optimizing the suspension, and the new bearings really made it possible for us to get it just right.We tested different designs for the suspension and durability in our test center, and the solution we ended up with is very strong. Both front and back.

Some other functions that make it very realistic are:
- The adjustable rear spoiler
- V8 engine with moving pistons (if you lift the top, you have a full view of the engine)
- Optimized steering
- You can upgrade the model with Power Functions (by using the 8293 Power Functions Motor Set). This will motorize the adjustment of the rear spoiler and the opening of the motor cover.

And the B-model?
It's an awesome racing truck with the same qualities that make the Racer unique. And of course you can always design your own racer, and upload a picture of it in the Gallery!