Aurelien Rouffiange

LEGO Technic Designer

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About me

I was born in France on December 1984 and I come from the amazing city of Lille. Crazy, fond of Creativity, Innovation, Sketches and Modeling: I graduated in 2009 of a Master 2 in Industrial Product Design Management. Today I am working as a Designer for the LEGO Group in the LEGO Technic Team. I would like to say that a dream came true. LEGO was and still is my favorite Toy, especially the LEGO Technic by its functions, mechanics learning, infinite possibilities and challenges... That's why linking my passion of Product Designer to the LEGO Group is a wonderful compromise for me. This seems more like living a passion than going to Work... 

What I do outside LEGO: Apart from LEGO there are many things I like doing but first of all, two words: ALWAYS SMILE. I need joking and sharing laughs, giving positive energies to each other's! I like going out with friends, having a lot of fun, sometimes even more than I can. I also love spending time with my family, like being all together around a nice long meal. Especially those that I prepare for us as I love cooking and in the same time trying new food experiences... I also need to let escape my mind by doing Creative hobbies like Painting and Sketching or Renovation at home... I practice various sports during the week like: football, swimming or biking, etc... I like traveling, seeing new cities, new countries, discovering, I'm extremely curious about what's around me.


Best Creation I have ever made: The 8259 Mini-Dozer which is the first set I have Designed. 

My favorite type of model would be: The next Challenge. Off Roader , Quad Bike, Buggy and Helicopter... I also like Construction Vehicles by their crazy functions...

My favorite product

The 8043 Excavator is my favorite LEGO product, it's a huge model, it's fully remote controlled; the functions are awesome very iconic. Playing with it is just so cool trying to dig and lift everything around you. I was very impatient to build it.

Most challenging creation

The 8856 Whirlwind Rescue which was one of my first big LEGO Technic Set. Gave me a lot of Challenge to build it as I was an 8 Years old kid at this time.