We are in the process of designing a new line of LEGO Minecraft. The LEGO Minecraft Co-build project is where we ask LEGO and Minecraft fans for your help in designing and getting this new line of mini-fig scale Minecraft products onto the market. Find out more below.

21107 Micro World – The End

Venture through the End Portal and reach The End dimension, then let destiny take its course! This desolate world floats in the void under starless skies and is inhabited by the Ender Dragon and countless Endermen, who thrive in the bleakness of this dayless dimension. The powerful Ender Dragon hovers ominously over Obsidian pillars bearing the regenerative Ender Crystals that are vital to its survival. Includes the fearsome Ender Dragon and 4 Endermen Micromob figures. Prepare for battle!