The Mindstorms EV3 programming software (PC/MAC)

Are you ready to start programming your Mindstorms EV3 robot? Here you can download the software, or learn more about programming.

Robot Commander app

Control your robot from your smart phone or tablet.

Building instructions

To build a robot, start by selecting your robot.

Fix the Factory app

A fun robot puzzles game for your smart phone or tablet

3D Builder app

Explore building the five EV3 starter robots with this cool animated, 3D building instruction app. The app makes building super easy, by allowing you to zoom in and out, and twist and turn the digital model to help you build.

User guide (PC/MAC)

The user guide explains the EV3 and all it’s parts and different features in detail. The guide is a great way to get a good understanding of how the EV3 works and what you can do with it.

EV3 Mindstorms Firmware download (PC/MAC)


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