CHI is a powerful natural resource that flows through the Sacred Waters of Chima, giving life and energy to much of the kingdom. It contains the raw power of nature, compressed into an orb.

CHI flows in the form of magical water from Mount Cavora down into a pool. It combines with the minerals in the pool to form glowing, blue CHI orbs.

The power of CHI can be channeled into weapons, equipment, vehicle engines, and more. Most natives of Chima wear a special harness that is designed for holding orbs of CHI. When the CHI is placed into the harness, it releases a surge of energy into the wearer. It increases strength, speed and stamina, as well as enhancing instincts and natural senses. 

The heroes of CHIMA recently discovered a new kind of CHI: Fire CHI. When they CHI up with this amazing power source, they become even stronger than they do with regular CHI. They also gain incredible new abilities, including resistance to cold and flame powers for their weapons. They can also turn their Speedorz and other vehicles into fiery machines using Fire CHI.