Animal Bios


Skinnet is one of the most reliable elements of comic relief in CHIMA. Nothing ever goes right for this bumbling skunk. His tribe has vanished. His mightiest weapon is a foul odor... that accidentally slips out at all the wrong times. And even his name, Skinnet, implies a less-than-prosperous purpose. Yet Skinnet never lets the world bring him down. He always tries to tag along, or be part of the latest happening. Inevitably his presence backfires – or, more appropriately, “stink-fires.” But he is always quick to apologize when this happens. “Sorrrrry,” he says, with an awkward drawl. It’s not his fault that he can’t control his natural skunk powers, but he still feels compelled to atone for its punishing effect on others. Skinnet is not aligned with any tribe, and is possibly the most neutral creature in all of CHIMA. This is not by choice. He wishes he could be accepted by one side or the other, and prove himself a hero. However, while he has possibly the most potent weapon in CHIMA, both sides in the CHIMA Conflict are reluctant to use this “nuclear option” for fear it will harm them as well. Everyone actually likes Skinnet – they just don’t want to be too near him. He sometimes acts as a negotiator between the two sides, but he usually ends up clearing the room with his stink before a truce is agreed upon