Designer Video - Arctic Outpost


Hello Explorers,

Are you ready for the mission to discover the wonders of the artic? You'll be needing special equipment in this new environment and Andy is going to show you some useful tools as he takes you through model 60035: Arctic Outpost. Have fun exploring!

The LEGO City Design Team

Arctic Building Challenge Winners


Hello everyone,

it was a lot of fun going through all the great stories and builds you came up with and our winners for this competition are:

WARM BLANKET - You simply can't have enough warm blankets when you're up north in the cold. Nice way of displaying your idea with a drawn background and build in front of it.

BURGLAR IN THE BOX - Ha ha what a surprise, but certainly not a pleasant one! That burglar must have climed into the wrong box trying to escape. The explorers should just close the box up again and send it right back.

THINGS I WOULD WANT DELIVERED TO ME - Such good ideas, you can probably see the stars really nicely at night with that telescope and no city lights nearby. Take the wheels off the skateboard and glide down the next hill when you have some spare time, but the best part is the hot cocoa when it's cold outside.

Nice job everyone!

The LEGO City Design Team

Mobile Police Unit


Hello Cityzens,

we hope you've all gotten the chance to see this year's LEGO City Police line. Even if you have it's definitely worth checking out this introduction that Henrik gives to model 60044: Mobile Police Unit. Enjoy!

The LEGO City Design Team

The making of a LEGO City TV-commercial

Moderation Team

Hello Cityzens,

a little while back we were on set creating the TV-commercials for LEGO City Arctic and several other themes. Overall it took more than two weeks, but to give you a little look behind the scenes, here is the quick version. Enjoy!

The LEGO City Design Team

My City Building Challenge Winners

Moderation Team

Hello Cityzens,

Wow! you really came up with some great ideas to make LEGO City MyCity even better. The three creations we chose as winners for this competition are:

"LEGO City Ski Resort" by kurtman11 

Of course our friends in LEGO City should have a chance to ski, it's such a fun sport! That's one cool looking building and way to set the scene with real snow.




"SCIENCE LAB AND CENTRE" by varnika913

This is just the place to go if you want to do some experiments or check out the latest development in chemistry or robotics. We loved all the detail in each of the science areas!





How could we have forgotten a clothing store in LEGO City MyCity? Of course the Minifigures need to wear something. Nice way of showing coats and shirts on coathangers!



 Well done everyone and thank you for all of the amazing creations!

The LEGO City Design Team

Gallery Favorites!

Moderation Team

Moderator - Keighlian

"What My City is Missing" by Andy2618

Why I chose this creation: I like how the road is the table cloth. It looks all fancy and cool! I also like bike racing and the level of detail is great!




Moderator - JungleDolphin

"Car Megastore" by Jo2006nas

Why I chose this creation: I like the authentic look, the cool cars sign and the colorful walls. It’s put together with love for details and I would definitely buy a car or even a bus there!




Moderator - White Alligator

My Police Station" by Cluth9493

Why I chose this creation: I love the use of City sets in a new, unique way. It is easy to see the story of what is happening just by taking a look at the great details in this creation.




Moderator - KoolKanin

"Brickton City Annual Bike Race" by tclaar

Why I chose this creation: It is so cool to be outside and ride your bike and to have your minifigures do the same is just awesome. I like the details, with the cyclists riding around freestanding and the fans on the side of the road cheering for them.


Police Competition Winners


Hello Cityzens,

Thank you for all your amazing creations and stories. We had such a good time looking through them and also had to laugh at all the funny ideas you came up with. Here are our three winners:



Drill Escape” by Pippin226- The Bandana Brothers use the help of friends and their own building creativity, what a great way to break out! And they show some responsibility when putting on hard hats in the tunnel, we really liked that idea. Maybe there's some sense left in these crooks after all!


"Falconry Break"  by Legora2014 - Having a trained falcon seems very handy, that's a really good idea! Perhaps we should get some of those in the LEGO City design team and they can bring us the elements we need.





"Prison Hypnotism"  by Deakin05 - It's just a watch... just a watch... you're an ordinary Cityzen, of course you can go. That's a very creative way to break out and we totally enjoyed reading the story and the way you presented it!


Good job everyone!

The LEGO City Design Team

From idea to finished product - Panoramic Poster


Hey kids!

Have you ever seen the LEGO©City Panoramic Poster and wondered how it is made? Well the time is finally here for us to show you some of the processes behind the Panoramic Poster.


Every year the Panorama poster is created by the creative team at LEGO, in order to tell the story of the LEGO© CITY.


What do you think?     Download the poster here!

Gallery Favorites!

Moderation Team

Moderator - miakittymoon

"LEGO Beach town" by bebe1224 - We love this creation because everyone loves a bit of action and this town is buzzing! There is something to discover in every part of it. Friendly neighborhood hustle and bustle, kids hanging out together, and to add in some real excitement a surfer gets chased by a shark! Excellent building and visual storytelling skills! To top it all off: a search game is included. LEGOtastic!



Moderator - WhiteAlligator

"LEGO City winter house" by SantaLeslie - We love this creation because I love winter so. I really like the concept of this build! The colors are great and the pieces used to create that perfect angle on the roof are amazing. Overall this is a very eye-catching build.



Moderator - Mojo_Sansibar

"LEGO soccer game" by czduriez - We love this creation because I really like the playfulness and humor of this creation. The fans look like quite the eclectic bunch as well. Every city needs their own soccer team! It is also cool that it’s a father-son project.



Moderator - JungleDolphin

"My LEGO City" by Kirill8365 - We love this creation because we're amazed at the love for detail and the passion to build such an extensive creation. Around every corner waits a new surprise: helicopters buzzing, Roman soldiers marching diligently on the boardwalk and an alien that roams unnoticed (at least so far). That’s what I call an original and fun LEGO City!



Moderator - koolkanin

"New ski lift" by peggie835 - We love this creation because it is very detailed and there is so much to see and explore. Not only is it a great winter creation, it also makes you immediately want to be a minifigure that lives there.



Moderator - Oceanbella

"Tire swing" by wannaworkforLEGO - We love this creation because it has many cool details like the tire swing, a garage that opens, and he added a LEGO Minifigure sitting in a wheel chair. Plus you can see both Minifigures are having fun. This shows that even if someone has a disability he shouldn’t be left out of things. He still has fun and loves to do stuff. This sends out a positive message.



Catch the Crook!


There has been a massive jailbreak from LEGO City Police Station at our office in Billund! Where are the all crooks running to?

It is a game of cat and mouse and the LEGO City Police needs your help!


The Cargo Competition Winners


Hello everyone!

First off a big thank you for showing us all your fantastic creations! We had a really hard time picking the winners because there were so many awesome entries but we had to choose three. The Cargo Competition's winners are:



"The Giant Pumpkin"  by manuelnuno - We loved the idea of the LEGO City Cargo team being called in to get the giant pumpkin to the market and the really neat way the backgroud of the scenario is built. Way to go in finding creative building options!


"cargo log truck"  by plew200 - This truck doesn't only have important goods to deliver it also looks great! We enjoyed all the amazing detail in this drawing and we can tell exactly which LEGO elements you need to build this model!



"LEGO Brick hunter - cargo ship"  by nn1578 - Those element seperators are never there when you need them, so it's a good thing we're getting a big delivery of those! It's really great to see someone using so many of our basic LEGO bricks to build such a complicated shape. We also liked all the details and the creative ways of building them like the anchor, the lifeboat and the gangplank!


Well done everybody!

The LEGO City Design Team

New Coast Guard Sets



There are new Coast Guard sets that just came to shelves this year with new Minifigures and new accessories.  Watch, as I take you through the process of designing a new logo for the theme and give you a glimpse at the accessories and capabilities of the new Coast Guard Minifigures. Check out that new hat!

Top 5 pick of the month’



Created by: Brucechang

In the design team, we were so impressed to see your cool car and trailer but we’re even more amazed that you drew out the build instructions for it too! Your drawings of each individual LEGO brick are so accurate! Well done and thank you posting!!


Created by: danidine

What a great drawing, the speech bubbles with the musical notes are a fantastic detail – I wonder what the LEGO minifigure is singing?!


Created by: eglim

This car is awesome!! The details are really what makes this design; the big blue grill on the front, the lights on the roof, six wheels and an extendable ladder! This multipurpose vehicle could go anywhere over any terrain! Thanks for posting! 


Created by: Udaman1

This tree house is fantastic, the build of the tree looks very realistic and I love the way you can remove the roof so you can play inside. There is quite the collection of the signature LEGO City coffee cups inside!


Created by: NinJayNinja

This is one of the best off-road limousine’s we’ve seen! The raised suspension and flood lights on the front really give it that off-road feel. It’s great that is designed to hold three minifigures inside along with beverages and some food!

Behind LEGO City TV commercial: How to build a model fast



Have you watched a LEGO City TV commercial and wondered how somebody could build a model so fast? Well wonder no more. Watch as Henrik, our man behind the scenes, reveals the surprising secret.
But sshhh… Don’t tell anybody!!



Wow, you guys are awesome! We looked at each and every entry to the building competition. With over 800 pictures, that took some time, believe me!

There were so many amazing models and scenes which made it really difficult to choose the winners.

Check out our top three below, along with some of our other favourites.
Finally, a big THANK YOU to everybody who entered, well done!!

The Winners

1."LEGO City at the Beach" by Moonlight2145
We just loved this scene. It mixes 2 of the best things in the world - LEGO and the seaside! We like the imaginative sand world you created, and all of the details you included

2."The Luxury LEGOLAND Resort" by Kurtman11
We could see that a lot of thought and effort went into this scene! A Luxury LEGOLAND Resort is a super idea and you have tons of details in there! The lake with the boat is especially cool, and it’s a really nice touch to add in a sunny sky to complete the picture!

3."LEGO City Tennis Open" by Stefan_Ooo
The 2012 Olympics was probably one of the best things about this summer, so it was great to see so many entries inspired by the Olympics. This was our favourite because of all the cool characters.

Big congratulation! There is a LEGO City box on its way to you!

Other Favourites

Great details
"A day at LEGO City Beach" by jaylegoman1 . There is so much life in this scene, it just wants to make us go to the beach! Everybody looks like they are having lots of fun. Nice detail with the Minifigure footprints in the sand too!

"LEGO City Pool" by legoicky123 . This model just has everything! Lots of action and little stories, it looks like the LEGO people are having a really fun time. Nice touch placing the model on the grass, in the sunshine. It really adds to the summer feeling!

"Good fishing" by charlie_boy . We couldn't decide which was the funniest picture, so we have a tie…This one simply just made us laugh! Love the expression on the fisherman's face!

"Crab attack" by agentn645 . Poor guy! The only thing we are wondering is, did the friend stay to help in the end?!

Best Photo
And the 'best photo' award goes to... "A Visit with the Presidents" by loon1998 . We really liked this photo of a LEGO City dude on vacation. We hope you had an awesome time at Mount Rushmore!

Building Competition


Hey Cityzens! 

Daire here.

It’s almost time for vacation, woohoo! I hope you are all looking forward to a fun summer, I know I am!

Just like you guys, the people of LEGO City also get up to all kinds of cool activities in the summer – some go on vacation to visit famous cities and landmarks, while others go to the seaside to build sandcastles and do water-sports. 

To celebrate the arrival of summertime in LEGO City, why don’t you try and build for us some cool summer scenes with your LEGO bricks and City Minifigures?

Or maybe you could take some of your LEGO City Minifigures with you on vacation and send us some photos showing what they get up to! 

Check out our summer snaps…it looks like some robbers have escaped and are getting up to all kinds of mischief. 

Is it just me or does one of them look a bit like Vicki… from City? Hmmm…

Have a great summer, we’re looking forward to seeing where in the world the LEGO City people end up!

Join the Building Competion here (Competition has ended)

The Fire Truck


Hey Cityzens!

Its Joe here.

The City team have put together a video for you all to give you a behind the scenes look at how we create our models!

Watch the video to see a day in the life of me designing a fire truck.

We hope you enjoy it!